Purchasing Initiatives

In addition to the Coalition for College Cost Savings option, AVIC continues to find programs to reduce costs for its member colleges.


Joint purchase enables members to enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing of services, materials, supplies, and equipment. AVIC looks to help members reduce costs through joint purchasing or negotiated discounts. The following are a few of the programs where AVIC members may purchase goods or services with substantial savings.


State of Vermont


Vermont’s Agency of Administration, Buildings and General Services provides products and services that meet agency requirements effectively, at the lowest cost, through a process that meets all applicable laws and administrative requirements.


AVIC members may purchase a variety of products through the State of Vermont’s procurement program. To learn what products are available and how to participate in the program,  please go to: State of Vermont Purchasing.


First American


First American offers AVIC members competitive equipment leasing, equipment financing, and asset management services. Click on the logo to learn more.

In addition to the Coalition for College Cost Savings option, AVIC continues to find programsTheir full-range of financing products include operating leases, capital leases, sale-and-leaseback’s, lease lines of credit, deferral leases, step payment leases, and skip payment leases.

The benefits of joint purchasing are numerous.

It provides significantly lower prices, higher quality products, and better service due to larger buying power. It eliminates the need for continuous bidding of contracts by individual institutions and the larger buying power increases the leverage to correct contract problems should they occur.

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