Assisting Neighbors

In the fall, the Sterling College kitchen was a bustling hub of aroma, along with the audible music of happy chefs and the spirit of community. It was the culmination of the Center for an Agricultural Economy’s “Pies for People” project.  Sterling students, faculty, and staff poured filling into pie crusts from all locally grown and donated organic pie ingredients. The 60 pies were delivered early morning to the greater Hardwick community — with destinations including the Hardwick Food Bank, Greensboro Early Learning Center, Greensboro Nursing Home, and the Hardwick Community Dinner. The Pies for People project resonates with the generosity of the many local businesses and individuals who worked together to share the harvest. Pies for People.

The Vermont Law & Graduate School‘s legal clinics provide legal support for residents of nearly every county in the state who otherwise could not afford it. The clinics provide $1.5 million in free legal services and serve over 900 Vermonters each year.  Much of the casework involves children and victims of domestic abuse. The law school students also serve as role models for local youth through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program and act as court-appointed guardians for children and mentally incompetent adults.

As one of the first college-affiliated fire departments in New England, students at Saint Michael’s College have a chance to join the Saint Michael’s Fire Department, a unique community resource that has also been a model for colleges nationwide.  Saint Michael’s Rescue responds to more than 2,700 calls annually.  As Vermont-certified Emergency Medical Technicians, students provide the same responsible and professional care that you would expect from any ambulance service anywhere in the country. Fire & Rescue

Norwich University students, staff, and faculty engage in a variety of community service activities.  Successful blood drives are held several times each year supported by both volunteer workers and donors from the Norwich community.  Norwich students actively participate in tutoring/mentoring programs through the Northfield Youth Center and the Northfield Middle/High School, as well as other area high schools.  Patients at the local Veterans Hospital are cheered by visits from members of naval ROTC. The Norwich University Volunteer Organization (NUVO), Circle K, Semper Fi, Golden Anchor, and the Arnold Air Force Society are all student groups that regularly provide additional service to the town of Northfield and surrounding areas.

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