Nine AVIC members participate in the Vermont Dual Enrollment program: Champlain College, Burlington College, Southern Vermont College, Green Mountain College, Marlboro College, New England Culinary Institute, Norwich University, and SIT.


In addition, other AVIC members have their own dual enrollment programs that offer generous discounts to high school students; none of the tuition figures account for financial aid adjustments.


Bennington College:  Local high school students can take a 4-credit course at a cost of $100 per course, a discount of nearly 98 percent from the fees charged to part-time post-secondary students.


Landmark College: High school students can take courses and/or attend a three week summer program for developing study skills on a non-credit basis.


Marlboro College:  High school juniors and seniors (or home-school equivalent) are eligible to take one free course. For more information and to apply, students can visit our website.


Middlebury College:  High school students can register for Winter Term Workshops on a non-credit basis.


St. Michael's College:  High school students can take courses at a per-credit cost of $490; the credit cost for a part-time student is $ 1,100.


Norwich University:  Students receive a per-credit discount on one course per semester.


Sterling College:  High school students can enroll in a summer sustainable agricultural program and receive a full semester of credit. The college has reduced tuition and fees for the summer program.


Other Dual Enrollment Programs