Vermont’s citizens possess strong community values and independent spirits that make the state a unique place to live and learn.  Its historic character, clean air and water are cherished, resulting in a pristine environment that captivates visitors and residents alike.  It is a place where increasing numbers of people produce their own energy, practice sustainable agriculture, and lead the nation in innovative environmental practices and green technologies.


Vermont is also home to a vibrant cultural life.  Outstanding professors, famous authors and artists, and talented athletes have chosen to frame their professional and personal lives within the mountains of Vermont. International dance, music, and theater groups regularly perform in small, local venues.  Festivals abound for every season and occasion, showcasing popular performers and nurturing local talent as well.  Metropolitan cities within a two to three hour drive of Vermont are Boston and Montreal, Canada.


Vermont is a place where people hike the Long Trail, run, bike, swim, snowshoe, golf, and sail.  The state is a haven for cross-country enthusiasts and telemark competitors as well as a top producer of U.S. Olympic skiers and riders.  The state also supports a rich population of those who engage in yoga, martial arts, and other practices.  There is truly something for everybody.

Vermont is consistently rated one of the safest places to live in the nation and lauded for its quality of life, human scale, and accessibility.  These qualities attract international business such as IBM, Burton Snowboards, Ben & Jerry’s, NRG Systems, and groSolar.  Direct democracy thrives in the form of town meeting.  Vermont boasts one of the top-rated public radio stations in the country and has more colleges per capita than any other state in the Union!


Living up to the state’s reputation as a place of open and spirited debate, Vermont’s independent colleges offer an array of cutting edge professional programs designed to challenge you and increase your competitive advantage in the market place after graduation.  Your expectations for stimulating classes led by respected faculty who give you individual attention will be met.  You may even discover, as many do, that Vermont is the perfect place to live!

Why Study in Vermont?