The AVIC Semester Exchange Program allows students enrolled at one of the participating institutions listed below to enroll for a semester at another.


Applying students should be juniors in good academic standing and should express interest during the preceding semester so that applicable home and host institution timelines can be met. In special circumstances, sophomores may be admitted to the program.


Students must be registered as full time matriculated students and take the credit equivalent at the host institution for full-time enrollment. Online courses are exempt from the exchange program.


Applicants must be in good academic standing, as established by the home institutions, and have no pending disciplinary action against them at their home campuses. Any past disciplinary actions must also be disclosed during the nominating process.


Each home institution will perform its own selection process and establish its own criteria for students who are nominated to participate in the AVIC Semester Exchange Program. It is suggested that the home institution submit its nominations to the host institution by February 15 for fall semesters and by September 15 for spring semesters. The nominations shall include the latest transcript for each student. Host institutions may review the home institution’s criteria and discuss the nominated student with the home institution. The host institution should inform nominated students of its acceptance decisions by March 15 and October 15.


Please note the dates are guidelines and may be adjusted or waived by individual institutions.

Paying for the Semester Exchange

Participants remain registered at their home institutions and pay tuition to the home institutions. Home institutions also retain responsibility for administering financial aid.


Room, board, and student fees are paid to the host institutions.


Participants must have their courses at the host institutions pre-approved for credit by the appropriate departments and officers at their home institutions before beginning the AVIC Semester Exchange Program.


Participants shall follow student regulations in effect at the host institutions and be subject to applicable student disciplinary procedures.


Participants who withdraw from the AVIC Semester Exchange Program after the semester has begun will be subject to the refund, withdrawal, and enrollment policies of the host institutions with regard to room, board, and fees as well as the tuition and readmission policies at the home institutions in effect during the exchange period.


Participants shall be fully responsible for personal travel arrangements and transportation, including travel between home and host institutions.


Terms of Exchange & Requirements of Student Participants

Participants shall be limited to participating in one semester exchange during the course of completing a bachelor’s degree and must return to their home institutions to complete coursework during the next regular semester following the exchange semester.


Participants must be able to travel and visit the host campus on their own. No provisions will be made for spouses, partners, or dependents with regard to room, board, or other services.


Participants should be aware that host institutions will assist an AVIC Semester Exchange student in finding off-campus housing if none is available on campus.


Participants shall be responsible for their own personal expenses and the settlement of any outstanding debts. Students should be aware that failure to pay reflects badly on both the student and home institution and jeopardizes the relationship between the institutions, as well as opportunities for students coming later. In such cases, credit for participation in the exchange may be withheld until the matter is settled.


Participants shall provide proof of health insurance and other information and execute documents as reasonably required for participation in the host institution’s program.


Credits earned by exchange students at host institutions will be identified on transcripts issued by the host institutions. Upon the student’s completion of exchange study, the program coordinator at the host institution will forward an official copy of the student’s transcript to the registrar of the home institution.


The decision whether to include the exchange host institution grades into the student’s GPA will be made by the home institution.


Semester Exchange Guidelines