Q: Why should I participate in the AVIC Semester Exchange?
A. If you want to:
— experience a new learning environment or approach
— engage in a particular field investigation or work with a professor located at another campus
— design a semester that complements your area of interest
— tend to business or family members closer to home
— stay in Vermont rather than travel abroad
Then the AVIC Semester Exchange Program might be right for you.


Q: Am I eligible to participate?
A. You are eligible if you attend one of the participating institutions, are a junior in good academic standing, and have no pending disciplinary actions against you. In special circumstances, sophomores may be admitted to the program.


Q: What will it cost?
A. You will continue to pay tuition to your home institution during the semester you are away. Home institutions also retain responsibility for administering financial aid. However, room, board, and any applicable student fees will be paid to the host institution you attend.


Q: What is the application process?
A. Start by letting your advisor know one semester in advance that you are interested in the AVIC Semester Exchange Program. You must first be nominated by your home institution. As each college has its own selection process, your advisor will then identify the next steps for the particular institution you wish to attend.


Q. Am I considered a student of the host institution?
A. No, you are a visiting student. However, you are required to follow the same student regulations as everyone else on the campus, including any applicable student disciplinary procedures.


Q: Will credits transfer?
A. Yes, as long as you make sure that your courses at the new [host] institution are pre-approved [in writing] for credit by the appropriate departments and officers at your home college before beginning the AVIC Semester Exchange Program.


Q: Are on-line courses part of the program?
A. No, on-line courses are exempt from the exchange program.


Q. Who pays for my travel to and from the host college?
A. You are responsible for personal travel arrangements and transportation.


Q. What do I need to know about health insurance?
A. Participants must provide proof of health insurance and other information and execute documents as reasonably required for participation in the host institution’s program, if applicable.


Q. How will my housing be handled?
A. Participants should be aware that host institutions will assist an AVIC Semester Exchange student in finding off-campus housing if none is available on campus. However, no provisions will be made for spouses, partners, or dependents with regard to room, board, or other services.


Q. What happens if I change my mind?
A. Participants who withdraw from the AVIC Semester Exchange Program after the semester has begun will be subject to the refund, withdrawal, and enrollment policies of the host institution with regard to room, board, and fees as well as the tuition and readmission policies of your home institution.


Q. Will my grades from the AVIC Semester Exchange Program become part of my GPA?
A. The decision about whether to include the host institution grades into your GPA will be made by your home school.


Q. How often can I participate?
A. You can participate in one semester exchange during the course of completing your bachelor’s degree. Also, you must return to your home institution during the next regular semester following the exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions