Did you know that a college education is probably the most important investment  that you will make during your lifetime?


It is an investment that enables you, as a college graduate, to dramatically increase your earning potential while gaining satisfaction in a chosen field.


You should select the college that is best for you based on your interests and how that institution will help you achieve your future goals.


College is expensive, but Vermont’s independent college and university financial aid officers are committed to helping students and their families obtain grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance. Everyone should apply for financial aid. Even if you think you are not eligible for financial aid - APPLY! The majority of Vermont’s students attending independent colleges and universities receive financial aid.


Financial assistance is given to you and your family in a "package" that may consist of grants, loans, and campus employment and will likely include a combination of need-based and non-need based resources.


Grant aid comes in four forms: from the colleges or universities directly; from federal funds; from state funds; or from private sources. You may receive grant aid from one or all four sources. Grant aid is not expected to be repaid and is not necessarily a small amount, either.  Most of Vermont’s independent colleges and universities offer scholarships for academic excellence. They also offer a variety of other scholarships based on athletic proficiency, artistic ability, or some unique form of service to the community.


Loans come from a variety of sources, such as federal and state governments, colleges, and banks. Most interest-subsidized student loans will require repayment beginning 6-9 months after leaving school.


Work Study or campus jobs are another form of assistance and consist of money paid to students directly as wages for a job on campus. You will need to work out how these funds will be handled to pay college expenses.


To learn more about paying for college visit the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation website.


Financial Aid