Fast Facts

Vermont's independent colleges and universities have a positive impact on Vermont communities and the state.


The independent colleges:


• Enroll nearly 19,000 students or 42% of all students enrolled in Vermont


• Confer 53% of the degrees awarded in Vermont each year


• 55% of our bachelor degree-seeking students graduate within four years compared to 39% at public institutions


• Offer associate degrees and certificate programs to retrain Vermont's workforce


• Make access possible to baccalaureate degree programs throughout Vermont


• Enroll large numbers of Vermont students, as do the public colleges, but independent college students have more opportunities to learn with students from all parts of the country


• Provide 70% of Vermont's teacher preparation programs


• Students at independent colleges annually contribute approximately 895,400 hours of volunteer time worth over $42 million. An estimated 88% of that time is with K-12 organizations


• Offer many educational, recreational, cultural opportunities free or at minimal cost to their communities



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