Realizing that many colleges face increased pressure to hold the line on spending while continuing to provide campus services, AVIC consolidates the purchasing power of the private, not-for-profit campuses in Vermont so that members may purchase select products at a discount.  AVIC offers optional group purchasing opportunities in a number of areas such as equipment leasing, office supplies, furniture, and insurance as well as access to the State of Vermont contract pricing.

Community Partnerships

Every college creates its own identity and yet is also part of the larger community in which it is located.  In Vermont, we have a long tradition of community involvement ranging from the enduring tradition of town meeting to spontaneous neighborhood volunteerism.  This ability to work together is partly what makes the Vermont experience so unique.

Reflecting this spirit, Vermont’s independent colleges play an active role in strengthening the connections between community members and making educational opportunities and scholarships available to more of the community.  This includes engaging high school students as well as non-traditional students, such as foster youth and single parents.

Each year, hundreds of college students across Vermont are discovering more about the communities in which they live and integrating themselves in ways that challenge, teach, and satisfy.