Realizing that many colleges face increased pressure to hold the line on spending while continuing to provide campus services, AVIC consolidates the purchasing power of the private, not-for-profit campuses in Vermont so that members may purchase select products at a discount.  AVIC offers optional group purchasing opportunities in a number of areas such as equipment leasing, office supplies, furniture, and insurance as well as access to the State of Vermont contract pricing.

Coalition for College Cost Savings

Savings opportunities are available to all 12 member colleges through AVIC’s collaborative efforts, which enable smaller private colleges and universities to take advantage of the cost savings usually available only to much larger institutions.

AVIC is a member of the Coalition for College Cost Savings. By negotiating agreements with individual vendors, CCCS provides member campuses with resources to reduce operating expenses.  AVIC members who wish to learn more or access contracts should visit the Coalition for College Cost Savings website.organizations and their member institutions.

CCCS is comprised of non-profit higher education member organizations dedicated specifically to helping private institutions of higher education improve processes, and reduce and contain costs through collaboration.

CCCS was formally established in 2006 on the concept that collaboration among independent colleges and universities could yield greater strength in the purchasing marketplace, benefiting its member institutions, regardless of size, mission or location, with the lowest prices for purchased commodities and the highest value in performed services. The Coalition serves as a central point of contact for the creation of these supplier relationships, program implementation planning and execution and a repository of best practice information on process efficiency.   The Coalition will provide, or cause to be provided, programs, materials and resources necessary to support the business operations needs of its member